Július Šoltész*, Szabad Zoltán*

STRAP - STRuctural Analysis Program - Seismic Analysis and Design of  Concrete and Steel Structures According to EC8

* STU Bratislava

STRAP is one of the most comprehensive and versatile analysis systems available on the market today. It is also the easiest to use, owing to its superb graphical user interface (GUI) and advanced context-sensitive help system. It offers the engineer a powerful but affordable tool for analysis and design of a wide range of structures such as buildings, bridges, shells, towers and many more.

When first launched in 1984, STRAP broke new ground by featuring an interactive user interface, unlike the batch processing used by other programs. In 1989, version 6.0 of STRAP introduced a true graphical interface, long before Windows-based programs become popular.

STRAP is extensively used by large construction companies, government agencies, international agencies and engineering firms worldwide. STRAP has been used on such prestigious projects as the Queen Elisabeth II bridge in the UK, the second Tagus crossing in Portugal, the Central Artery in Boston, the Lantau crossing in Hong Kong, VW new spraying plant and Central control centre of oil plant Slovnaft in Bratislava, Millennium Office Centre in Ljubljana, Campus Mautner Markhof in Vienna …

The power of STRAP doesn't end at the analysis stage. Developed specifically to meet the demands of the Civil and Structural Engineer, STRAP has many options that speed up and simplify both data input and the interpretation of results. For example, the user can retrieve a model from a library of typical structures and complete it very quickly by defining only a few parameters. Using the powerful sub-modeling feature the engineer can easily assemble a complex model from the basic sub models. STRAP utilizes sophisticated state of the art algorithms that ensure an extremely fast solution, using minimum disk space. In many programs viewing and interpreting complex analysis results are difficult and time-consuming. STRAP contains a wide variety of options for sorting and displaying the results, graphically or in tabular form.

Comprehensive design-processors are available for rolled, welded and light gauge steel, reinforced concrete and composite design according to the latest European, American, British and Canadian codes.

For the engineers interested in dynamic effects, STRAP also includes modules for modal analysis, seismic response spectra calculations according to the UBC, EC8...codes and time history response calculations.